Our platform delivers
full-asset visibility and unlimited data



Protekto hardware has proven completely successful in 100,000 global shipments. Self-powered and self-protected, it supports every kind of valuable asset.


Protekto software enables the collection, processing, and management of supply chain information. Our powerful platform integrator uses fully developed proprietary source codes. The system collects and organizes information, then prompts designated supply chain users on the device of their choice (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, whatever) to take appropriate action.

Protekto’s Web-based software offers global access, unlimited data analytics, and comprehensive real-time information (temperature, position, speed, ETA, alerts, alarms, geo-fencing, etc.) with full KPIs/protocol compliance features.

Control Tower

Our Control Tower benefits from monitoring and tracking knowledge accrued during nearly 20 years of uninterrupted national and international operations. Each Control Tower is armored, fireproof, and redundant. A group of highly trained professionals permanently staffs it. The Control Tower provides and coordinates cloud-based services, making them available to interested parties anywhere on earth.