Our technology
changes the game


Remote Asset Control

Protekto World Wide uses a breakthrough technology – Remote Asset Control – to ensure supply chain integrity for organizations with logistics, safety/security, and compliance challenges.

The technology protects and monitors high-value/high-risk assets, perishables, pharmaceuticals, and other goods on the move in the Western Hemisphere … and soon worldwide.


Escoltek our backbone of service and solutions. In continuous evolution since 2008, Escoltek devices have proven reliable in extreme conditions of temperature, altitude, terrain, marine environment, and in other settings.

Protekto designed Escoltek to fit any and every kind of container/vehicle. A marvel of durability, the devices are bullet- and tamper-proof, and self-powered, with a battery life unmatched in the industry.

Escoltek installs in less than 10 seconds.


From a permanent network operations center and cloud-based control towers, Protekto operates Total-Track, a game-changing tracking system.

Total-Track accurately tracks, reports, controls, and delivers information that gives Protekto customers optimal management of the entire global supply chain.

Since 2008, Protekto’s world-class R&D team has claimed multiple patents supporting Total-Track and other technology.